Scope of Services

Exterior Yacht Design
Client consultation / market analysis to establish development criteria
   •    Project scope development and initial concept exploration
   •    Design development and documentation
   •    Exploration of tooling and component module methodology
   •    3D surface modeling deliverable for engineering and tooling

Interior Architecture
Interior planning and arrangement
   •    HVAC and mechanical system integration to interior package
   •    Overall design theme development for furniture, interior components, and surfaces
   •    Custom / signature feature development

Pilothouse Design
Sightline confirmation for exterior views and component arrangement
   •    Compilation of navigation / communication / systems equipment package (vendor + builder)
   •    Organization of components through requirements of ergonomics, system function, and operational role
   •    Detailing required for component installation and builders construction methods

Furniture Design
Custom furniture design, feature detailing
   •    Built-in furniture design for custom or production vessels
   •    Furniture component development for module assembly
   •    Standard detail development for custom yachts or production series boats

3D Surface Modeling
Rhino 3D based surface modeling for exterior design and interior packaging
   •    Advanced modeling for fairing, component assembly, and tooling aspects
   •    Sightline true view over deck
   •    File transfer for tooling development (.iges, .3dm)

Digital Visualization
Photorealistic 3D model visualization – Rhino / Maxwell
   •    Illustrate design options and confirmation for the client
   •    Collateral images for marketing and media
   •    2D and 3D plan/profiles + detail views for manufacturing

Design Management
Manufacturing issue forecasting and resolution, build reviews
   •    Coordinate with engineering to facilitate prototype development and final construction
   •    Management of design objectives through engineering, tooling, prototype, and construction
   •    Refit program development and management
   •    Milestone driven scheduling with client reporting and photography

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